From immigrant to immigration advocate: An American Success Story


An American Success Story

Escaping Civil War in El Salvador, seven-year-old Antonio immigrated with his family to Los Angeles, having to rebuild their lives after leaving behind the only home they ever knew and everything they had built in their home country. The first in his family to go to college, Antonio graduated from Cal State Los Angeles and would then go on to earn a law degree at Thomas Jefferson School of Law. After Law School, Antonio worked numerous jobs, including valeting cars and graveyard security, just to make ends meet while he studied for the bar exam. After passing the bar, Antonio chose to practice immigration law. An immigrant himself, Antonio knew firsthand the complexities of the United States Immigration system. Then with only $500 dollars in his pocket, he started his own immigration law practice. His practice started with a cell phone and a table at the local Starbucks; today he has seven offices in California, Texas and Nevada. Antonio’s success is attributed to his passion for his clients, whom he considers his friends and family. His philosophy of compassion and caring over profits, helped him form long-lasting relationships with those he serves. Antonio is now running for Congress to ensure his community is represented in Washington, DC. As a father, he also believes public service is important to bringing fundamental change to our country and community for his family and yours.

Antonio is running against Rep. Lucille Roybal-Allard, who has held power over the 40th District and the area for 27 years. She inherited the seat from her father, who held the seat for 30 years before her. That’s nearly 60 years of one family controlling the lives of hundreds of thousands of constituents, enabling Roybal-Allard to grow distant and unresponsive to the people she is supposed to represent.

It is time for a bold new vision and fresh energy for the people of the 40th District! But it’s an uphill battle fighting for school choice, true family values and the rights of the unborn, meaningful immigration reform and the everyday economic, bread-and-butter issues that affect the jobs and economic lives of the district’s working-class families.

Lifelong politicians like Lucille Roybal-Allard have access to funds from countless lobbying firms and PACs that fresh outsider candidates cannot hope to reach.

That’s why we’re counting on donations from real people like you, and asking if you can help us catch a wave of good fortune by donating $7, $77 or $777 today to our campaign. If everyone supporting the LA GOP gave at least $7 today, we’d be able to turn the tide overnight and flip the stranglehold that Lucille Roybal-Allard has on power in the district and turn the 40th District Red!

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