A Father; an accomplished Lawyer; a Business Owner an Independent thinker; and a Community Activist. My campaign is about unapologetically representing my district and putting them first. Please take the time to navigate our website to learn about my candidacy.

I humbly ask for your vote this March 3rd. 



When one runs for public office, you have to earn the respect of the voters.  Not by promising actions that can’t be met or material things that can’t be produced.  An honest candidate does not diminish the accomplishments or ideas of your opposing candidates.  I intend to earn your vote with a promise to pursue a vision that creates a contrast to what our district has experienced up to this point — a vision of measurable and tangible accomplishments that will elevate our communities and enrich our lives.  From my heart, a solemn promise that I will always pursue the legislation in the best interest of the community as a whole.



The function of a Congressperson is to provide a contribution to the collective body of the lower House of Representatives as the federal entity that writes laws, controls our budget, and oversees the functions of our government.  As a practicing lawyer who has years managing multiple law offices and servicing the members of the 40th congressional district, I have exclusive experience in understanding the challenges our communities face. I have an understanding of the dynamics necessary to navigate in the halls of Washington successfully.  Yet, most important. I have the vision and commitment to tirelessly fight for the changes needed in Congress.



As a representative in Congress, one has to understand the parameters of the position, the limitations, and the constant flux of political gamesmanship.  One has to be knowledgeable about what the law requires or allows the representative to accomplish, all without falling into the trap of becoming a surrogate of “Special Interest” and the money that they throw around in Congress. My knowledge is born from me being a father, an owner of multiple businesses, an immigrant, a lawyer, and a community activist.  I bring the necessary and precise Knowledge needed to represent our diverse yet unique community.


Together, our voice can change the nation.


Passionate about work.

Born in El Salvador, the immigrant experience that some call a burden, I called a privilege. The struggle of doing the work in the proper path and going through the proper channels to live life as an outsider, as someone who some would say “doesn’t belong” builds fortitude. I used that fortitude to start observing what my community saw as a struggle as a chance to prove to both them and myself, we can be better. Rather than focusing on just our backyard, I practiced Federal Law focusing on the immigration process. My knowledge and expertise have provided thousands of families with a healthy path to citizenship through the proper legal channels. Tending to a growing law firm with 4 offices and growing, you see challenges that come up from antiquated laws and red tape. I plan on cutting through that red tape, providing a way to get more done with the power of congress, not only for immigration but for our everyday lives as citizens. It’s with this mentality, the understanding of it takes immense pressure to make diamonds… I know our community is under pressure from our everyday lives. I plan on taking that pressure and using its strength to fight back in Congress, and push reform to ensure our country is strong for generations to come.


Why Delgado?

A free thinker who’s experience and knowledge of the legal system can cut through the chaotic voice between party lines is what our community’s needs call for. I believe I am that voice which will champion the issues that directly effect the day to day lives of my district. I will not subscribe to the rhetoric of a party, I will champion the voice of the district I represent. 



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I will work to ensure we have an immigration system that is just and strengthens our nation. 

As a nation founded by immigrants, we should continue to embrace the individuals who wait in line and come to the United States legally to work hard and contribute to our society. I will work with all members of Congress to construct a process that addresses the challenges of the undocumented in our nation with compassion, respect, and ensuring that we protect all our communities first.

We must ensure that the quality of American health care received by our patients remains the best in the world. Doctors, along with patients, should make decisions about our family’s health. Smart, fair, and Market-based solutions serve our families’ freedom to choose their best health care option at an affordable price. Yet, we should ensure that families are not taken advantage by greedy insurance or pharmaceutical companies. That those that are challenged by social strive, mental illness, or have fallen victim to our national drug epidemic, do not fall in the abyss of society find a way to quality healthcare. 

America’s families have reached unprecedented levels of prosperity with ingenuity and innovation. Yet, too many people in the 40th Congressional District are out of work and aren’t feeling the positive effects of our growing economy. Washington continues to operate under the faulty policy of throwing more taxpayer money at inefficient programs.  


I will target my focus to ensuring that national resources allocated wisely and trickle down to programs that are proven successful to strengthen our nation and our families.

It is foolish to ignore the demographic changes in our society. Our nation’s financial situation requires that we carefully examine the future of programs our seniors depend upon, like Medicare and Social Security.

Without improvements, both Social Security and Medicare will be unable to fully meet the promises made to the next generation of retirees. They will burden future generations with a reduction in services and crushing tax increases. Both programs risk complete collapse before our children and grandchildren ever receive a single benefit. This is simply unacceptable. I will work to strengthen and preserve these vital programs for them, the future generation of Americans.

As the father, I understand that every child learns differently and needs to have access to quality, affordable education that works for them and fits the future economy of our nation.


Antiquated bureaucrat driven programs only hinder the education of our nation’s children. Parents and educators should have the resources and flexibility to provide an education that meets the needs of their community and each student. Education should be more comprehensive at all levels, and I support expanding vocational and trade school options for our students.

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We are here to help you 7 days a week and respond within 24 hours. Plus, you can find most answers to your questions right on FAQ page.

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