As a father, a small business owner, Immigration attorney and advocate for all Americans, I know we are lacking representation in Congress. I would be proud to have the opportunity to be your voice in Washington, DC. I would be honored to have your vote.

  • Antonio Delgado


Public Servant

I have always believed that public service is something we are called to, not a chosen profession. Time and again we see politicians aspiring to elected office to benefit themselves and their political cronies. I am beholden to no one and will always put my community first. As an immigrant, my family chose Los Angeles and it has been my home most of my life. I love this community and would be grateful to represent you on Congress.



As an independent business owner, I understand how difficult it is to begin a small business here in California. The state’s punitive and onerous regulations are compounded by the overreach of the federal government. Many family-owned businesses are suffering because of the lengthy Covid-19 shutdown; they need relief now. As an Immigration Attorney, I also know that many families in our community have been burdened by a complex immigration system that needs desperate reform now. This will be a high priority for me as I offer my experience to transform our immigration system, a task neither party has had the political will to do.


Deep Roots

As a father, someone who grew up here and started my business here, I love this community and everything it has given me. This community has molded me and blessed me with deep long-lasting relationships. Angelenos are special. We live in the largest city in California, yet we are still a tight-knit community that is always looking out for each other. I have a deep love for this city and want to make a better home for my family and yours.


Together, our voice can change the nation.

From Immigrant to Immigration Advocate:

An American Success Story

Escaping Civil War in El Salvador, seven-year-old Antonio immigrated with his family to Los Angeles, having to rebuild their lives after leaving behind the only home they ever knew and everything they had built in their home country. The first in his family to go to college, Antonio graduated from Cal State Los Angeles and would then go on to earn a law degree at Thomas Jefferson School of Law. After Law School, Antonio worked numerous jobs, including valeting cars and graveyard security, just to make ends meet while he studied for the bar exam. After passing the bar, Antonio chose to practice immigration law. An immigrant himself, Antonio knew firsthand the complexities of the United States Immigration system. Then with only $500 dollars in his pocket, he started his own immigration law practice. His practice started with a cell phone and a table at the local Starbucks; today he has seven offices in California, Texas and Nevada. Antonio’s success is attributed to his passion for his clients, whom he considers his friends and family. His philosophy of compassion and caring over profits, helped him form long-lasting relationships with those he serves. Antonio is now running for Congress to ensure his community is represented in Washington, DC. As a father, he also believes public service is important to bringing fundamental change to our country and community for his family and yours.

Antonio is running against Rep. Lucille Roybal-Allard, who has held power over the 40th District and the area for 27 years. She inherited the seat from her father, who held the seat for 30 years before her. That’s nearly 60 years of one family controlling the lives of hundreds of thousands of constituents, enabling Roybal-Allard to grow distant and unresponsive to the people she is supposed to represent.

It is time for a bold new vision and fresh energy for the people of the 40th District! But it’s an uphill battle fighting for school choice, true family values and the rights of the unborn, meaningful immigration reform and the everyday economic, bread-and-butter issues that affect the jobs and economic lives of the district’s working-class families.

Lifelong politicians like Lucille Roybal-Allard have access to funds from countless lobbying firms and PACs that fresh outsider candidates cannot hope to reach.

That’s why we’re counting on donations from real people like you, and asking if you can help us catch a wave of good fortune by donating $7, $77 or $777 today to our campaign.

Antonio Delgado: A public servant, not a politician

Why Delgado?

An independent businessman and father, Antonio believes Washington, DC is broken. Bogged down by party politics, many in Congress look to serve their own needs, not the needs of the Angelenos they are supposed to represent. It is time to reject self-serving politicians, regardless of party, and look to a representative that will stand up for us. Please join Antonio Delgado, and together we can make Los Angeles a better place for all of our families. 



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We need Immigration Reform now

For years, politicians in Washington, DC have paid lip service to immigrants; however, they have done nothing to improve the system. As an immigrant and immigration advocate, Antonio understands the bloated immigration bureaucracy. First and foremost, he knows we need real immigration reform that includes streamlining the process. 

Antonio believes we need to address the challenges of the undocumented in our nation with compassion and respect. It is time to tackle immigration reform as opposed to exploiting our immigration community for political points, as too often politicians do.

Our health care system is failing, we must fix it

As a parent and small business owner, Antonio knows how hard it can be to make ends meet. Many families’ biggest expense is health care. Unfortunately, Congress favors a one-size-fits-all approach to health care which has significantly increased costs.

Antonio believes people should be allowed to purchase health care that suits their needs, as opposed to being forced into high-priced comprehensive plans. Veterans should also be afforded health care options outside the VA network that are both patient focused and market-based.

Families need to be protected from opportunistic insurance or pharmaceutical companies. We must ensure those who are challenged by social strife, mental illness or have fallen victim to our national drug epidemic do not fall into the abyss and have access to the needed health care.

An economy that works for Southland families

Covid-19 dealt a death blow to our economy. However, let’s be honest; many Southland families were struggling prior to the Covid-19 pandemic. While politicians have bragged about the thriving economy, many of us are struggling to feed, clothe and shelter our family. The combination of high-cost California and lack of job opportunities has put Southland families in the squeeze.

Local elected officials need to work together to attract new jobs to our region. While Northern California is booming, we are not. We also need to ensure we invest in vocational education for both students and adults who may have been displaced and need to learn a new trade.

Protecting our seniors and their investment

Our seniors worked hard and invested in both Social Security and Medicare. We must ensure that investment is there for them. Poor budgetary decisions over the last decade has put these programs at risk. Improvement of both of these systems will help sustain these programs for future generations of seniors.

Antonio believes our senior generations are the trailblazers that carved the path we walk in today. Now is their opportunity to rest after a lifetime of contributions and benefit from their lifelong investment.

Making education a priority

As a father, Antonio understands that every child learns differently and needs to have access to quality, affordable education that works for them and fits the future economy of our nation. Unfortunately, politicians see our schools as social engineering laboratories as opposed to educational institutions. We need to give families the opportunity to choose better performing schools. This includes the choice to choose a better performing school if their school is not making the grade.

He knows we must also update our educational system to adapt to a modern workforce. Antonio supports vocational education opportunities and giving students the option to learn a coding language to fulfill their foreign language requirement.

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